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2018 Lamborghini Terzo Car [Add-On] Free Download For GTA V

2018 Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept Car [ Add-On l Manual Spoiler l HQ] By yanfenglenfan

Warning: –

This vehicle can just utilize the game rendition above 1.37(1.0.944.2). if not so,the dashboard isn’t working appropriately.

English:- –

Unique model: ASPH9

HQ Parts and surface :SQUIR.CG Model.Assetto Corsa.Forza Horizon 3.Gran Turismo Sport.

Changed over to GTAV : yanfenglenfan

Screen captures : yanfenglenfan

leather.png : Alex9581

update:- –


  • Repaired the BUG of LOGO wheel


  • Repair halfway planning
  • Some materials have been improved.
  • Note:- –
The apparatus originates from dyc3
  1. You can control the spoiler all over physically by controlling and moving or by console 8 and 5.
  2. you can add On account of the identity of the light-producing wheels, the vehicle can not supplant the wheels
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what’s more, kindly don’t change the frame tallness, in any case the wheels will have BUG.

  1. You can change the shade of the vehicle body, explicitly:

Paint1 = body shading 1, paint2 = body shading 2, paint4 = body logo, wheel light and inside encompassing light tone.

  1. Since I like Lamborghini with motor sound, so the sound of the vehicle utilizes the T20 in the game.

On the off chance that you like the sound of the electric vehicle, you can supplant the vehicles. meta I gave you.

  1. This vehicle can just utilize the game variant above 1.37(1.0.944.2). if not really, the dashboard isn’t working appropriately.

Features: –

  • High Precision External Details
  • High Precision Internal Details
  • Normal working advanced dashboard
  • Correct crash volume
  • Normal working headlights
  • Hands on guiding wheel
  • Breakable glass
  • Correct First Person Perspective
  • Smooth Reflection
  • Openable entryways
  • Wheels that can change the light-discharging shading
  • Installation: –

peruse the readme

You can utilize Simple Trainer or menyoo Spawn it by name :terzo

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